Christmas Bookings

We are now taking bookings for Dogs and Cats for Christmas (2024) for stays of 10 or more days.

If you are a new customer your dog must come in for an overnight stay, ie; two days (48 hours) between now and 1st November. As this is an assessment stay it is free of charge. This overnight stay does not apply to cats.

  • There will be a $250 booking fee that needs to be paid from 1st July (not before) along with a 10% deposit of the full stay.
  • The $250 booking fee is not refundable but is deducted from your total cost of your pets’ accommodation.
  • All booking fees and deposits need to be paid by the 13th October to avoid cancellation on the 14th October.
  • New customers that require a short stay over Christmas can make a booking after 15th October.
  • The $250 non refundable booking fee and the 10% deposit will need to be paid as at that date.
  • The $250 booking fee is deducted from the total price of the boarding. It is not an additional amount.
New Customer Booking Form