Board Your Dog

Normal Daily Boarding Rates (Not Day Care)

Afghan $27
Airedale $25
Akita $27
Alsatian $27
Basenji Small $22
Basenji Medium $25
Bassett Hound $25
Beagle $25
Berense Mountain Dog $27
Bishon $22
Border Collie $25
Boston Terrier $22
Boxer $25
Bull Arab $30
Bull Terrier $25
Bullmastiff $30
Bull Dog $25
Cattle Dog $25
Cavalier King Charles $22
Cavoodle Small $22
Cavoodle Medium $25
Chihuahua $22
Cocker Spaniel $25
Corgi $25
Dachshund $22
Dalamtion $25
Doberman $25
Fox Terrier $22
French Bulldog $22
German Shepherd $27
German Short Pointer $27
Golden Retriever $27
Great Dane $30
Greyhound $25
Groodle $25
Husky $25
Irish Wolfhound $27
Jack Russell $22
Keeshound $25
Kelpie – Cross $25
Kelpie – Large $25
Kelpie – Small $25
Labradoodle – small $25
Labrador $27
Lhasa Apso $22
Malamute $27
Maltese $22
Marema $27
Mastiff $30
Moodle $22
Newfoundland $30
Old English Sheepdog $27
Papillion $22
Pekingee $22
Pomeranian $22
Poodle – small $22
Poodle – standard $25
Pug $22
Rhodesian Ridgeback $30
Rottweiler $27
Saint Bernard $30
Samoid $25
Schipperke $22
Schnauzer – mini $22
Schnauzer – standard $25
Sharpei $25
Sheltie $25
Shih Tzu $22
Siberian Husky $25
Silky Terrier $22
Springer Spaniel $25
Staffy $27
Terrier Mix $22
Tibetan Spaniel $22
Visla $25
Weimaraner $30
West Highland Terrier $22
Whippet $25
Yorkshire Terrier $22

*Prices subject to change without notice.


Please Note:

Rates are PER CALENDAR DAY (not per night or 24 hour period) so both drop off and pick up days are chargeable.

A surcharge of $10 per calendar day applies to Fair Work Ombudsman Gazetted Public Holidays.

Peak time rates rates apply from 20th December 2022 – 31st January 2023.
If your booking includes peak time we will contact you to confirm the rates.

New customers – Payment for accommodation bookings are required upon check-in.

If payment for your pet(s) accommodation is 7 or more days in arrears your pet/s are sent to the RSPCA with your contact details.


Day Care

Pet Daycare is a short day stay visit where you drop your pet off in the morning and pick your pet up before close of business.

Your pet no longer needs to sit at home by themselves. They could be enjoying having an adventure playing along side their “neighbour” in their fully fenced yard, lapping up the sun and having some human interaction with our live in care taker on-site.

This service is handy if you want your pet to have some time out whilst you’re at work, an event or occasion where your pet needs to be in a safe and comfortable environment.

For rates and more information on Day Care please contact us.
p: 02 4930 7612 or e:


Extended Stays

First 30 days – normal daily boarding rates apply then discounts apply to additional days (NOT available during school holidays).

For rates and more information on Extended Stays please contact us.
p: 02 4930 7612 or e:


To protect our clients and staff we are aiming to minimise the time you spend dropping off your precious pet to just 10 minutes.

Our staff will take your pet to their kennel or suite while you finalise the paper work; but you can have someone else with you who can accompany your pet and our staff member while you finalise the paper work.

For normal boarding (not Daycare or Extended Stays - 30 days or more), please use our on line Express Check - in for dogs & cats below.